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Sounds Incorporated - The Beatles - Live Paris Olympia / At Shea Stadium

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  1. Aradal :
    The most famous Speaking of OG of Beatles I think the “LIVE IN TOKYO” which was closed for the first time known to the world the sound source (video source) of the Budokan performances first day. Or it would not be that further called a name record “LIVE AT SHEA STADIUM”.
  2. Kile :
    British fans may see the Beatles' most important concert ever - on television. The group will appear before nearly 60, fans at the Shea Stadium in New York on August 15 at the start of their second American tour. Ed Sullivan, America's most famous TV personality, will introduce them on .
  3. Mubar :
    Rock 'N Roll Case Study: A 38th Anniversary look at The Beatles concert at Atlanta Stadium For those Beatles fans out there, there are always 'new' discoveries, which find their way to bootleg CD (or cassette) from time to time. One of these that I became aware of in was a very good recording of the Beatles live at Atlanta Stadium in
  4. Vurisar :
    Sep 09,  · Beatles fans have longed for the Shea concert as a home video release, but Sinclair says he has “no idea” if Apple plans to put out the restored Shea show at .
  5. Vuhn :
    This is a chronological list of the Beatles' known live performances under the name "The Beatles". Any appearances with members that differ from the best-known line-up (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr) are marked accordingly.
  6. Faenos :
    The filming of the Shea Stadium concert for television was the first event of any kind (live or in the studio) to utilize eight cameras. Boy, would we love to get a look at that from eight camera angles and zooms! The bottom line: technical difficulties necessitated re-recording and overdubbing on certain tracks.
  7. Mazukasa :
    Jan 12,  · On August 15, , two weeks before their second Hollywood Bowl ap­pearance, The Beatles put on a show that would mark the beginning of true stadium rock concerts, playing to a record crowd of 55, at William A. Shea Stadium in Queens, N.Y. The show opened their second U.S. tour, which would run for a [ ].

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